Best Deck Builder Trends of the Year

Are you looking for the best deck builder trends? Look no further because decks are a vital part of every home. They serve as a relaxation spot as well as entertainment. Although homeowners spend time in making them, decking trend isn’t exactly what you’ll call inventive, at least not compared to other aspects of exterior designs. Fortunately, there’s some good news; things are changing, and each year new design ideas and innovative materials come up. What made 2016 truly fascinating is how homeowners have refined and upgraded their home improvement plans. Outdoor decking is something homeowners have spent time working on; they know the latest decking trends in the home décor industry. Nobody wants to settle for a boring or an ordinary deck. There are different styles, designs, and amenities and this number has increased greatly in the past few years. What’s even better, these trends are changing constantly. How does 2018 look for outdoor decks? Some of the best deck builder trends that made homes in 2018 spectacular include: 1. Modified Wood replacing traditional wood The most commonly used material in deck construction is wood. It has been a staple since the first deck construction. It is natural, looks beautiful, plus it feels more homely than vinyl or other man-made materials. Unfortunately, using wood lumber to build decks also comes with its own issues such as maintenance needs, sustainability, all that without considering damage from pests or the elements. This was one reason why 2018 saw many customers use modified wood as they strive to keep their patio looking classy while still being eco-friendly. Even though it’s still real wood, modified wood is more durable, denser; it also doesn’t need any additional maintenance beyond regular cleaning. It can be used on all decking types, including pool decks. Modified wood is a great investment for every homeowner. Soon, more deck builders will be recommending it to their clients. 2. Using curved deck to achieve modern looks Most decks are either rectangular or square shaped. This easily constructed shape reduces waste material while maximizing space. Unfortunately, what’s easy isn’t always what’s best in either looks or quality. In recent years, curved deck enclosures have become more popular. Curved swimming pools are already a common feature amongst homeowners, so why not try out the curve appeal on your patio. Curved decks, apart from being more appealing visually, fit better into small or tight spaces. Large rectangular decks may end up taking plenty backyard space, but curved decks can be created to be smaller without sacrificing their visual looks. 3. Mixed Colors are being combined with Surface Treatments Home design trends are constantly being influenced by color changes both inside and out. Where decks are concerned, always remember; avoid using bright colors or your enclosure will end up looking garish.  Instead, mix different subtle tones, to create many natural layers. What your contractor should do is use colors from the same family stain but in varied tones. Always use less when applying this color treatment. If your patio is made from modified wood, then surface treatment is not necessary. You can, however, apply it to produce different shades on your patio. 4. Pairing pergolas with Freestanding Decks. Why not create an isolated space away from your main patio by introducing freestanding decks.  Combine freestanding decks with pergolas to make them appear more welcome. Pergolas acts as a sort of outdoor room, with no ceilings or walls. They are an excellent way of making freestanding decks blend in with their surroundings, without worrying that it’ll look like any old piece of wood. They can match any landscape and can be constructed very easily. Several contractors can add pergolas to any freestanding deck with success. Freestanding decks, especially those paired with pergolas, is one deck building trend that’s hot. 5. Creating distressed looks with Shou Sugi Ban There’s an ancient Japanese technique for preserving wood by scorching it called Shou Sugi Ban. This practice can be carried out on any wood but works really well on modified wood because it is more durable than normal giving an added advantage. Shou Sugi Ban may be more common in Asian countries, but it’s only now gaining traction in western countries. Shou Sugi Ban is a perfect treatment for those who prefer darker, unique look on their patios without having to re-stain it. Shou Sugi Ban comes in different forms, from soft, light touches that bring out the natural wood grain color, to deeper and bolder touches. 6. Stainless Outdoor Cabinetry with Outdoor Kitchens This year, deck enclosures are being viewed more as entertainment areas when it comes to deck companies near me. This means that there has been a rising interest in outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens can range from full gourmet-level sets or even simple stainless steel kitchen cabinetry plus outdoor grill. If you’re thinking of using your patio as an entertainment area, then adding an outdoor kitchen should be your first thought. 7. Backyard Heating Options Most homeowners enjoy using their patios as much as possible throughout the year. If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve this, then all you need do is add an option that’ll heat up the place. Heating options include a radiant heater or an Eco-smart fire feature. Eco-smart fire features can include firewalls, gas fire pits, or traditional fireplaces. Install a heating system in your patio and you can enjoy it for longer periods especially during early autumn and early spring. There’s no doubt that patios are one of the most important outdoor spaces in any home. By combining these trends with quality materials as well as the latest construction techniques, you will be come up with exquisite decks for your clients. Whether you’re thinking about an all-new deck or would prefer a quality-resurfacing project, it’s important to find an exceptional contractor who will provide objective advice and will always keep your best interests. Look for contractors that have strong ratings from past clients, clear communication skills, and written guarantees that protect your investment. 2018 could be the year your dream deck becomes a reality.  
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