Deck Company Advice on Building Around Salt Water Pool Ideas

Do you have a salt water pool in your backyard? Then you need deck company advice on how to best build a deck or patio that’s made of wood. A beautiful big house with a swimming pool is the stuff dreams are made of. If you install wood deck construction enclosed around, it will only add the charm of your house and pool. Generally, chlorine-based disinfectants are used for sanitizing pools, however, over-exposure to chlorine can be harmful as it may cause skin irritation, eye allergies or other health issues. Salt water pools are hence gaining popularity among home owners. Salt water reduces chlorine by-products protecting you from harmful effects of chlorine. However, wood deck construction in such area brings along its own challenges. A salt water pool is tougher on wooden structures than a traditional one. Therefore, you will have to ensure that decking material is salt water-resistant. Any wooden decking around salt-water pool is susceptible to corrosion. Wood itself, as well as fasteners, beams and other support structure might be affected by weather and the salt water splashed out. Therefore, what you can do? Make sure that decking isn’t moisture-resistant, does not corrode and lasts longer? Any deck company will guide you precisely about best decking options. Patio and deck builders near me have experts who will advise on exact decking procedures. Before beginning construction, one should consider few things like deck size, usage besides designing with deck company. Size Depending upon the size of your pool, you can decide deck size. A deck should enhance the appearance of your pool. However, how you will use this space, will also be helpful in determining its size. Usage Having in mind to use deck for relaxing by poolside, you can go for small one but if you want to have regular parties, one is advised to have large deck. Accordingly, you can add furniture, which will make this space more beautiful. Design There are variety design styles available for decks. It can border small area of the pool, go halfway around, or completely encircling pool. Patio and deck builders near me can offer plenty design styles all together with options. Use Best Decking Material Although concrete, travertine, stone are suitable for decking around pools, wood offers natural, warm feel to entire surroundings. Wood is also most preferred material for poolside decks or patios. However, we all know that wood absorbs moisture so can rot or splinter easily. Additionally, wood requires regular sealing or staining. Therefore, you require wood, which is saltwater as well as moisture resistant. Pressure-treated timber is generally used for decks around salt water pool. This timber can be treated with chemicals which makes it strong, suitable for saltwater environments. Chemical treatment also makes this timber insect, mould, termite, rot resistant. It is durable. Also, can withstand harsh climate. Wood used for decking should also resist excessive heat absorption. It should be cool enough when walking bare foot. It should not become slippery when wet. Use Best Decking Fasteners Screws, nails, nuts and bolts used for your decking should be able to stand up to saltwater. Normal screws rust, corrode when they regularly come in contact with salt water. In fact, salt water corrodes metals faster than chlorinated. Therefore, always opt for marine grade stainless steel screws and connectors. Weatherproofed fittings like one of those made with galvanised steel or stainless steel are corrosion-free and rust-resistant which help in extending wooden construction lifespan. Use Best Sealants We all know that wooden decks require frequent sealing which extend its lifespan. Protecting your wooden structure from harsh effects of saline water, for shielding from other weather elements, requires marine-grade sealants. Marine-grade sealants will protect your structure from salt kill and will also prevent decay along with rot. One can use decking oils which enhance the look of wood and also seals it against water. Wood stains will provide protection against both saline water and UV rays. They in fact help in slowing down decay. Acrylic sealants offer weatherproof coating by forming film over the surface. This can be very useful in areas which get wet constantly. All boards, bearers, joists, beams should be waterproofed. Exposed ends should be sealed immediately. Now-a-days decking boards completely covered in a protective cap are also available. They offer extra moisture resistance. If these precautions are not taken fading or discoloration of your outdoor structure will occur. Have Proper Drainage Your salt water swimming area should have proper drainage facilities. For that your structure should be designed such that easy drainage is possible. It should slope slightly away from the pool for excess to drain-off easily. It will ensure that only minimum amount of salt water comes in contact with wooden structure. This will also help in preventing corrosion because a salt is there, prolonging the life of your structure. Also ensure that your wooden structure is sufficiently ventilated. You should place decking boards in such a way that air circulates easily. Take Proper Safety Precautions Any area around pool gets slippery after some time. So, ensure that slip-resistant mats are placed around constantly wet areas. One can also apply anti-slip coating as well as add other safety features like railings/fencing. Adding a deck to your pool is a major investment. It should be designed in such a way that the structure integrates into the overall look of your outdoor space and complement your outdoor space. While the pool itself is the star attraction, a beautiful wood construction adds coolness quotient to entire outdoor space. It provides endless enjoyment hours, which will be acting as a place to unwind as well as relax. It is paradise for you. But wood decks require lot of TLC to retain its beauty, prevent its aging. Moreover, it requires maintenance which can sometimes be little bit costly as well as expensive. Durability, maintenance, as well as cost should all be taken into account before going ahead with decking. Remember that materials you choose will have a big impact on how long your deck lasts. Proper care and maintenance can help it to withstand the test of time.
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