Deck Enclosures: Five Reasons to Upgrade

Tired of pulling splinters off kid’s feet? Or worrying they’ll fall due to railings are unsafe? Then maybe it’s time for an upgrade to your deck enclosures. Both the structure and the shape may still be sturdy enough, but the same cannot be said for its looks. If that’s the case, then why not have your deck enclosures upgraded instead? Upgrading – or redecking – can save every homeowner a great deal of money, especially hiring a deck builder. It’s far more cost-effective than building a new enclosure. As an added bonus, redecking means you’ll get the opportunity to improve your outdoor space. Upgrading tips, you will find helpful As long as deck enclosures are maintained regularly, they should realistically last as long as 15–20 years. However, without proper care and maintenance, you might find that it’ll need replacement earlier than anticipated. Here are some tips that’ll help with upgrading your patio. 1. Carry out thorough cleaning If damage to enclosure is not that much, then refreshing it may just be what is needed. This means carrying out that maintenance you’ve been putting off for so long because there wasn’t time. Some maintenance activities that should be carried out include: • Sweeping and clearing debris off enclosure • Removing any dirt, grime or leaves that are stuck in-between deck boards • Wash with a deck cleaner Once every surface has been cleaned and tidied, look closely see if there’s any damage. If there are any warped, chipped, broken, or cracked boards, then, of course, it’ll need replacing. While carrying out this inspection, check every joist, making sure everything is holding properly in its right place. Replace any weak section you notice. Replace damage boards with similar type of wood that was originally used in the deck construction wherever possible. Clean, inspect, and where necessary, replace rails plus balusters. Only after that is done can you then paint using colors that match your tastes. 2. Resurface After the deck is completely inspected by deck builder, take notes of surfaces that are decayed or terribly damaged; those areas will need resurfacing but only if you are sure of the sub-structures quality. This is a great chance for restoration. Best of all, there’s none of the cost associated with building a new one Before any work starts, check to ensure the deck material’s integrity. You can always hire a professional; they’ll come and carry out the inspection instead. Upgrading also gives you the unique opportunity to slightly alter or modify your enclosure’s design. Why not switch from traditional timber? Instead, get something more modern like eco-friendly modified wood. Modified wood is gaining popularity for its deck building qualities because it does not bend, twist, or splinter. Best of all, no maintenance is required. 3. Complete replacement This option is best when there’s an area that’s too worn out and if there’s direct structural damage. If there’s damage, then you’ll need to rebuild from scratch. On one hand, it’ll be expensive, but alternatively, it means you can completely alter and rebuild however you wish. Why not adapt it to what’s popular. You can increase or reduce its size, and reposition it any way you like. Before upgrading starts, carry out full inspection. If everything checks out, then, the installation of your new patio can begin. Why upgrades are best during fall season When should you get an upgrade? Fall or winter season would be best, for all sorts of reasons. Here are five reasons why: • Unless you’re using the deck steps to access an entryway, chances are it’ll remain unused for all of winter. Since it’s unused, having it torn apart for a little while isn’t that big a deal. • No one leaves their doors or windows open when its wintertime, so any noise generated during deck construction won’t be bothersome. • If there are kids in your household, they’ll be bundled up, maybe even playing indoors so keeping them away from where construction is going on will be easy. • Most plants are dormant during winter season meaning you’ll receive very little landscape damage. • If upgrading starts in winter, your patio should be about ready when spring starts rolling in. this means you’ll be able to enjoy it fully once it’s warm out.

Three Ways to carry out an upgrade

1. Rail and gate to close it off Here’s an excellent weekend project; adding a rail and gate to patio. They can make it feel cozier and safer (even if it’s really low, and having a gate for safety isn’t necessary). Putting in a rail will give your current deck some sort of space that makes it feel protected. In addition, an excellent way of adding colors to your patio. There’s no rule, or reason, why railings and decks should be painted thesame color. 2. Include cozy furniture Most people have somewhere in their household they love to go relax in, their favorite place. Decks are quiet spaces, making them perfect as your favorite spot. Sure lawn chairs aren’t cozy furniture pieces. However, by adding outdoor chairs or wicker couches, you’d have created another living room in your backyard where you can enjoy a pleasant breeze. Moreover, you can color match these cushions with your house, potted plants or anything else. Include some comfortable furniture and you’ll get everyone rushing outside. 3. Include fire pits or patio heaters for warmth Fire pits make fantastic additions to decks because it’ll give everyone a focal point where they can gather around, maybe even roast some marshmallows. This also means that you can use your patio all year round. Getting patio heaters if there’s no space for a fire pit is always another option. Both are excellent additions that’ll let you enjoy your patio even on chilly autumn nights. 4. Put in incredible lighting Some homeowners prefer having a little light in their enclosure; others want it for extra ambiance. Whatever reason for adding it, you could go with solar or low voltage lights. Why not follow the latest twinkle light pattern in sprucing up this outdoor haven you’ve finally created for yourself.  
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