Deck Repair Shouldn’t Be A Nightmare

Routine inspection, maintenance, as well as regular wooden deck repair is essential to keep it safe, functional and looking like million dollars. A wooden deck helps you to extend your living space as well as upgrade your outdoor space. New wood deck has a natural beauty, which provides warm, inviting connection with the outdoors, adds to a home’s beauty and opens up a world of outdoor activities. But wood decks are at the mercy of weather gods. They are exposed to harshest weather conditions such as hot sun, heavy rains as well as snow. After few years, without proper care, they become weathered and look uninviting. Annually checking things like wood damage, rot, loose screws, other types of wear and tear is essential. Addressing issues before they become big problems is always advisable. Repairing carried out on time can save you time and money —before they become major renovation projects or turn it into repair nightmares. However, even in situations where decking needs fixing or deck repair needs to be carried out, don’t be disheartened. Repairs usually involve replacing few fasteners, changing few pieces of decking, cleaning it to remove dirt and sealing or staining. Deck contractors near me can advise on all deck repair issues. Moreover, you can ask deck building contractors about materials which will not rot or decay when used for decking. If you follow the steps mentioned below be assured that your repair won’t turn into a nightmare. Inspection
  • Check loose or popped up nails.
  • Check decking boards for evidence of rot.
  • Check dirt particles, leaves, debris clogged between boards.
  • Examine hidden fasteners for any damage.
  • Check splinters or cracking.
  • Examine different sections of decking to ensure that wood is still sturdy. Inspect ledger boards, joists under wooden structure, decking boards, support beams, railings, stairs.
  • Examine if there are any small holes in wood, which indicates insect damage, particularly termites that damage wood.
  • Note down things that need replacing. Before beginning repairs it will be sensible to take advice from deck contractors near me and deck building contractors on materials that can be best used as replacements for old parts. Ask them about material which will not rot or decay even in harshest weather conditions. You can ask about durable, long lasting screws, claws, clips or even wooden material.
Once thorough checking is done you can begin repair. Repair Loose or popped up nails When wood expand or contracts, nails pop up. Either nail them down or remove loose/popped up nails. Replace these nails with stainless steel screws, which will not rot but will last longer. Deck fasteners Fastener selection is crucial for the look and performance of the finished structure. In fact, choosing wrong fasteners can result in squeaky, wobbly decking. Therefore, hidden fasteners like clips, claws, biscuit fasteners should be chosen with thoughtful consideration. Remove & Replace Rotten decking boards Pry out damaged decking boards. Ensure that adjacent boards do not get damaged when you do so. Use damaged boards as templates to cut new boards. For replacing old board with a new one, drill holes into the board where it should attach to joists. Then tighten with screws. Remember more weathered boards should be replaced. Otherwise they may damage entire structure. Repair or replace loose broken boards else, they can make your deck unsafe for walking. Repair Stairs and Railing Stairs may get wobbly because of wear and tear. Anchor loose steps down. If railing is wobbly, tighten loose screws. You can also add blocks along the rim joist so that railing becomes strong enough again. Cleaning Remove dirt particles, leaves, debris First sweep away dirt particles, leaves, debris. Stubborn debris which get stuck or remains clogged between boards should be removed using soft bristle brush. Then using mild household detergent in water, wash entire area. One should use mineral spirits for removing stains caused by tree sap. For removing tough scrub-resistant stains use pressure washer. Remove Splinters or cracking Splinters and cracks are big no-no’s on decks especially in summers when one likes walking barefoot on it. Splinters occur when water soaks inside boards. This can lead to the formation of mold/mildew. For repairing splintered decking, first wash it with water spray. Hit hard any area with mold. Using scrub brush keep working on that area until mold has been removed. Then wash entire decking with bleach-water mixture. Bleach kills mold/mildew, bringing natural wood color/look back. Thoroughly rinse entire decking after using bleach. Let wooden structure dry for 2-3 days. Then sand the deck using a sander. You can us hand sander for railings, stairs plus any hard to reach places. After sanding, you can stain and seal your decking. Stains are available in many different colors. Apply stain to a clean, dry deck. Spray generous stain coat and then spread out using a brush or paint roller. After staining, apply topical sealant which will help in keeping moisture out. Some stains come with built-in sealer but if the stain you used does not contain sealant, choose a good sealant which is right for your wooden structure. Applying sealer once a year is important for permanent protection. Allow the sealer drying time of 2-3 days before using deck. These steps will extend lifespan of decking. Most decks can be repaired at cost lot less than the cost of installing new one. While it is possible to repair decking yourself, it’s a time consuming and arduous job, especially if you do not have right tools. Additionally, single rotten post can be difficult to replace because surrounding beams will need bracing with temporary supports while post is being changed with a new one. This might put entire wooden structure under stress. This kind of repair requires good technical know-how as well as professional skills. In such situations, contractors can help you with all the aspects of repairing. They will ensure that safety requirements are met and repair work is carried out quickly. For many homeowners, hiring them is well worth the expenses.
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