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If you’re thinking of combining local deck construction with green living, then environmentally friendly might be what you’ve been looking for. Most people love spending time outdoors. They love seeing their gardens, yards, patios, and porches as an extension of their living space. Nothing beats relaxing outside on a warm summer’s evening, enjoying all the simple pleasures in life, or just viewing beautiful sunsets. However, you’ll need some form of decking if you want the most from your outdoor area. This means having an area that’ll be accessible all year round, preferably somewhere that won’t be inaccessible when it rains heavily. Some homeowners would rather go with grass, but because it’s so high maintenance, it’ll require regular watering (which has its own environmental cost), cutting and looking after. This makes decking an excellent alternative. However, questions have been raised about the environmental aspects of decking and that’s why you need ecologically sounding decking. Here’s an easy way of going green; simply use recycled materials in building your patios. Traditional decks aren’t what you’ll call carbon neutral especially those made from tropical hardwood. This practice has led to the loss of several rainforest ecosystems. Some contractors use responsibly sourced wood, which is an excellent step to take, but as a top rated deck builder, you should know there are much better alternatives such as environmentally -friendly composite decking.  Fully capped composite decking transforms materials like bamboo and plastic, which would have ended in a landfill into a beautiful outdoor haven, which will last you decades on end. If your priorities include going green and outdoor living, then build yourself an environmentally friendly, sustainable patio. Problems associated with traditional hardwood decking One of the most commonly used decking material for local deck construction is Ipe, a rainforest hardwood from Brazil. It has high moisture resistance, durability, plus it’s long lasting. Most clients and builders interested in going green are setting their sights on Ipe that’s been certified as sustainable. This way, they can mitigate some risky environmental impacts on the rainforest. Sadly, despite best efforts, ensuring sustainable rainforest logging is rather difficult especially one in accordance with environmental standards. The logging industry makes millions of dollar yearly. Unfortunately, environmentally friendly practices are pushed aside for money. So rather than use Ipe or other exotic hardwoods, what you should do as a highly reviewed deck builder, is reuse materials like bamboo or plastic. They are replaceable, abundant, environmentally friendly (which doesn’t need saying), plus it’s far more sustainable. Pros of an Environmentally Friendly Patio
  • Environmentally Friendly
The biggest advantage of environmentally friendly-decks is they’re made from recycled materials such as bottles or plastic bags. They use waste products that would most likely have ended up as landfill. Products such as sawdust are also used in ecologically sound-decking. One great aspect with environmentally friendly decking is that it doesn’t need any finishes that wooden decks require. Preservatives and finishes used on natural timbers can cause a lot of environmental harm. Another great feature that you’ll enjoy with ecologically sound-decks is that ecologically sound patio cleaner can be used on it, rather than environmentally harmful chemicals used in cleaning wooden decks.
  • Low Maintenance
Eco-decks don’t require much with respect to maintenance, at least nothing in comparison with traditional timber decks. You don’t need to stain, paint, or oil an environmentally friendly-deck, and all these are necessary for maintaining a timber deck’s appearance and extend its lifespan. All that you’ll need to do is hose down your garden hose to keep it clean.
  • Attractive
Eco decking material is constantly improving. They are much more attractive than environmentally friendly patio boards that were first produced. You can use eco-decking boards for local deck construction. They are available in wood grain finishes as well as other attractive colors. Your eco deck also doesn’t require nails. They have an easy snap-in installation system, making them more attractive (since there’s no visible nails or nail holes) and easier to install. Seeing as there are no nails on this patio, not only does it add to its appearance, but also makes them more carbon neutral. They have a splinter-free, smooth finish.
  • Long Lasting and Durable
Eco decks are made from materials that won’t rot. They also have a high chance of being resistant to insect infestation. This is why a highly reviewed deck builder will recommend it to more of his clientele. Eco-decks are durable and can last for more than 20 years with little maintenance required.
  • Construction
Eco wood is material that’s much more flexible and provides different opportunities to that of ‘real’ wood decks. If you have an existing timber deck that’s structurally sound and level, it’s possible to use environmentally friendly patio tiles or boards over an existing patio. You can purchase eco deck tiles, which are easy to snap into place.  Thus, eco-decking can be an easy DIY project. Cons
  • Eco Deck Prices
They are more expensive than timber boards.  The overall cost if you choose timber materials is less than when you go for an eco-deck. Most people don’t really care, seeing as the environmental benefits, durability, also, the fact that it is low maintenance is more than enough to balance out the higher upfront cost required for materials. However, others may not be able to afford the prices so they go for timber decks, which falls within their budget.
  • Requires Replacement Boards
If any section of your eco deck receives some damage in any way, say by a furniture piece, the damaged boards will need replacing. With a timber board, however, you can just sand back without worrying about replacing.
  • Eco decks aren’t as versatile
If you’re looking for more options, then timber decks are better. They can be painted, stained, or oil. For example, your timber deck can be transformed completely by repainting it a different color. Conclusion Although a top rated deck builder might recommend eco-decks for their environmental benefits, the choice is still in your hands. Both options will give you an attractive outdoor area where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy your dining.
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