Rooftop Deck Construction Can Add Home Value If Done Right

We all know that rooftop decks add the beauty, charm, and luxurious feel of your house. But do you know that according to real estate experts, rooftop deck construction can add home value if done right? Yes, you read it right! Rooftop deck not only enhances aesthetics of a house but also increases its resale value. An outdoor space like this is an added incentive for any property. Whether you have an independent town house or are staying in high-rise apartment building, rooftop deck construction can make your property most sought after. Houses with flat or partially-flat roofs can install them.  It can provide you city skyline view, if you are city-based, or give you stunning countryside view if you stay away from hustle-bustle of city. However, before beginning construction you should make sure that your roof is strong enough to support its construction. I addition, you must have relevant permissions for constructing it, because if it was installed illegally, big problem could arise for you. Deck builders near me offer various deck services like construction, maintenance, or repairing. Although, its construction requires major additional investment on part of the home owner, an estimated return of almost 150% in resale value is totally worth the construction cost. Some real estate agents claim that these outdoor spaces with harbor view could add $100,000 to the house value, and even those offering partial harbor views could add $50,000. According to some professionals, it adds at least $5,000 home’s resale value, if not more. Here are some tips to ensure that your home gets significantly higher value when in resale market. Follow building regulations Any additional construction done in house or an apartment without taking consent from relevant authorities could cause problems. So, before setting up decking please ensure that one has relevant permissions as well as ensure that any contractor one hires strictly follows rules and regulation laid down by pertinent authorities. Hire a structural engineer Before calling any contractor, one should hire a structural engineer. He/she will judge whether the roof can support the weight of decking and any additional things one intends to add. He/she will advise you about structural safety and security should one builds this outdoor roof space. Get a professional for decking Trying to install decking by oneself is not advised if one is not skilled enough for this particular job. Hire expert professional for construction is certainly advised. Certain modifications required to the roof during construction as well as some other factors obviously make rooftop decks bit more complicated to construct. A good professional contractor experienced in rooftop deck construction will help in figuring out best possible way about designing and building decks. Depending on your home, contractor will advise on all aspects of decking. He will advise about its size, about various types of materials that can be used for its construction, and about its design. Size, material, as well as design of one’s liking can be chosen based on exactly how and when this outdoor area will be used. Plan in advance for container garden or any other green areas. Professional job done by contractor will certainly increase resale value of your home and give handsome returns. Deck builders near me offer professional deck services.  Check for waterproofing When adding roof deck, waterproofing is most critical. One should ensure that contractor uses waterproofing material which prevents seepage or leakage of water as well as protects entire house from water damage. Also, ensure that there is no mold, rot, or any pre-existing damage on your roof that could compromise decking construction. Convenience Rooftop deck should be easily accessible from inside the house. Although, many homes provide access from outside or from lower level areas, the residential roof areas are likely to be used much more when they are easily accessible from indoors. So, really how beneficial is rooftop decking? Let’s take look at some benefits offered by it. Increases Property Value A professionally created rooftop deck enhances home’s value. It increases your living space, especially in urban areas where competition for spaces is tough and it is hard to find a place for relaxing, unwinding. It allows one to soak some sun in daytime or enjoy breezy evenings after working hard all day long. Even in scenic countrysides, rooftop decking that provides eye-catching views of outdoors adds more beauty. Sitting out staring at blue skies, lush green mountains is the most appealing thing that these outdoor spaces situated on countryside homes offer. Enhances Aesthetics A professionally designed rooftop deck makes your home’s exterior charming. It enhances external aesthetics of your home. One can add own personal touches depending upon taste and requirement. One can have railings around it or cover it with awning or some beautiful beam designs. Aesthetically designed covering will make it more beautiful. Retractable awning will provide shade on hot days.  Awning can be opened in evenings or night time to party under the stars. An outdoor kitchen, bar, an enclosed sitting area, fire pit, fireplace all can be incorporated in to the design. Acts as multi-purpose space Rooftop deck can be used for multiple purposes. One can have a garden on your roof which will make this place a quiet retreat surrounded by greenery. If one does landscaping, it will be an added bonus. Entertaining friends, having barbecues, and partying with them here helps in unwinding. If one goes for covering, one can use it all year long. Rooftop decks are fantastic additions to any house. They make use of space that would otherwise be not used much. Whether constructed in a city high-rise apartment or built on a beautiful countryside house, these spaces are ideal for entertaining and relaxing.
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