Top Deck Builders Share How to Avoid Ruining Your New Addition

Top deck builders know that a well constructed deck is one of most versatile additions one can make for their house. This place is for family gathering, entertainment or a low-cost option when adding some extra living space, deck addition can serve multiple purposes. Decks can help expand living space and quickly can become main point for all outdoor activities. They can still look great for years if appropriate measures are taken. If we think about it, decks get huge foot traffic. In addition, these are exposed to different weather types. Sometimes, rain can even pool on the surface, along with moisture, in turn, attracts pollen or fungal spores, which causes discoloration. Therefore, avoiding mistakes in deck’ protection, require many different measures. Ask professionals for help If installation of your deck is done by professionals, then you should know that all kinds of maintenance require their presence. You should not ignore your new addition, because if you do that, paying for repair can be very expensive. Avoid being lazy; protect your new acquisition from any impurities when it is time. Educate yourself about cleaning it once a year and make all efforts in keeping your deck new. Preventive Measures: 1. Stay free from dirt & grease: decks should be kept clean from dust along with grease as they can cause stains. Damaged surface are very difficult to remove. 2. Sweeping & shoveling: decks must be swept on a regular basis. This prevent dirt in addition to leaves accumulation that might stain the surface. Snow should be shoveled down at earliest. 3. Clean & seal regularly. Decks are need professional cleaning along with sealing at least every 2-3 years to protect it against all kinds of weather. 4. Deal with rusty furniture: Removing of rust stains may be difficult. All decks made of Cast Iron or metal can start to rust around the bottom and leave some ugly rust stains. One solution for reducing its effect – placing some felt pads on the bottom when furniture is new, that would keep paint from wearing off over time. Sandpaper – another good solution for wooden decks. 5. Don’t use paints: Painting along with staining surface with a solid stain shall be avoided because these finishes eventually peel off, requiring high maintenance. Oil-based stains can protect surface, fading gradually, naturally. Therefore, they are considered best. 6. Blowing deck: If left unattended for too long, clumps of wet leaves may produce some tough stains. Moreover, debris from trees might build up between surfaces, speeding up the decay of wooden as well as composite decks. Top deck builders suggest that blowing surface off once a week or so would avoid leaves from growing. It will stop decay too. 7. Avoid over-shoveling: proper snow shoveling with plastic shovels preferably is used in case of heavy layers. In addition, avoid snow blowers as it can cause damages. 8. Regular maintenance: Proper maintenance along with repairs should be done without any delay. In addition, tightening of loose boards along with railings must be ensured. For houses with new addition, professional cleaning will kill any mildew spores in wood. Clearing any surface from impurities is recommended. What to keep in mind while maintaining it? Top deck builders suggest that you should keep your new acquisition sealed, at all times. It is evident that an unprotected one deteriorates quickly. Although pressure-treated wood resists rotting including surface impurities, it will still crack and split from water exposure. Therefore, even a pressure treated wood, ultimately needs sealing. It alone does nothing for protection it against bad weather, even more porous and vulnerable to bad weather conditions without being sealed. Decks are protected successfully over time by using preservatives. In markets, they are present as sealers, stains, paints, protecting wood including composite decks from UV light, damages caused by moisture or fungus growth. Though they are very useful, they lose their ability keeping wood safe over time and needs reapplying. Regular maintenance is necessary for both, wood or composite decks to look good for long. In addition to that, almost all deck including patio builders have a common suggestion- sweep your deck frequently. Leaves should not accumulate on the surface. Keeping shrubs from growing in its vicinity is a good idea. While sweeping, if a nail is encountered with, that has worked loose from some board, remove the nail with a cat’s paw or a hammer, or use a screw that is longer than that nail to reattach board. There are many other measures that should be taken, like hardwood floors, deck surface is vulnerable to scratches that can be caused by any pointed object like nails or even high heeled shoes, and therefore furnishings should be lifted when moving them across. According some deck and patio builders, decks made of composites require far less maintenance than wooden ones but all top deck builders emphasize on thorough cleaning at least once a year as an annual exfoliation is needed so that protective sealers can seep deeper into the wood. During dry and moderately warm weather, an appropriate deck-cleaning solution with a roller or sprayer to eradicate impurities and kill bacteria should be applied. In addition, use utility brushes to scrub surface where it is especially dirty and where mildew might lurk. Cleaning should be done at routine intervals as room and walls of a house protect its interior from rain, snow, sun, and wind, but uncovered deck endures every season. Water damage though may be prevented throughout the season and even during the off-season by regularly sweeping away puddled water, leaves, branches, and other debris. Plastic shovels are used in case of heavy layers. The last thing – vigilance about damage. The deck periodically needs inspection for soft or splintered spots, loose nails, other attachments, along with split or rotten planks. Any damage that can cause health or safety hazards, if present, one should fix promptly. Other repairs one should complete before annual deep clean.
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