Wood Deck Construction Low Maintenance Tips Ideas

An outdoor wood deck allows you to extend your living space. Such outdoor spaces are ideal for seeking solitude as well as for socializing or entertaining. They also enhance the beauty and the charm of the house and at the same time add to the resale value of house. However, any wood deck construction which is installed outdoors experiences all kinds of climatic changes hence frequently requires maintenance without which it may not last long. Deck company will offer you professional advice on how to choose perfect material for decking, size of the decking, and shape of decking, depending on where you situate it. Your usage will also be considered. You may install a wraparound or a deck in backyard or in a corner or a side. Right from installation, maintenance, repair, deck company will ensure that you do not face any difficulties once outdoor space construction starts. Patio and deck builders near me provide all services associated with wooden construction. They also advise on overall sturdiness, besides structural safety of decking. Additionally, they provide low maintenance tips/ ideas for wooden construction. Several decking materials are available. However, wood is most preferred material for decking. But wood also requires great deal of maintenance. Hence it is important to know which material will require least maintenance, will remain attractive over a long period of time besides providing maximum function. So, here are some low maintenance decking tips: Choose Correct Location Once you decide to go ahead with construction, first thing you should look for is ideal location. Wood, be it cedar, rosewood or pressure-treated is resistant to insects, rot, decay but is vulnerable to moisture as well as sun rays. So, whenever you build this outdoor space you should ensure that for at least some part of the day it is protected from harsh UV rays as well as harsh winter weather so that it catches less moisture. It will help in prolonging your wooden structure’s life. Choose Correct Wood Both cedar and rosewood are excellent choices for decking. Ipe, mahogany as well as teak are used for decking. All these woods are mould, insect and rot resistant. Redwood and cedar have natural warm, rich coloring which enhances outdoor area feel, increases the exterior appeal of the house. Pressure-treated wood is also used for decking. But patio and deck builders near me mostly use it to build support systems because it provides firmness. It is generally often masked by flooring. Wood’s versatility also allows you different styles and designs. It gives a deck or a patio an elegant, rich look. Cedarwood decks has an estimated life span of 15 – 20 years. However, wood deck construction needs regular cleaning, re-staining or re-sealing to increase its service life. Before sealing, remember to sand your structure; prior to staining, clean your deck. Try using synthetic sealants. All these precautions will help you in maintaining appearance as well as integrity of wooden structure. So, staining as well as sealing your wooden structure every 2-3 years is a low maintenance option as compared to the repairs that may be required if any damage occurs when staining or sealing is not done frequently. Use Good-Quality hardware Always use high-quality fittings for decking. Although, somewhat costly, high-quality fittings once installed require low maintenance. They enhance your structure’s life. So, ensure that all the fasteners like screws, nails, bolts etc. are good quality fasteners because there is every chance that low-quality fasteners like nails and screws will corrode over the years. Wooden construction discoloring may occur. Rickety structures are often a sign of deteriorating fasteners, not of deteriorating wooden structure. You should use stainless-steel or coated screws that are corrosion resistant. This will help in extending decking lifespan. Mask Your Support Structure All the fasteners, supporting beams, joists, framing should be concealed properly. Concealed under-structure gives your outdoor structure a clean, neat look. Moreover, concealed fasteners/ joints get protected from harsh UV rays or rains. Use Good-Quality Deck Cleaners Deck cleaners give a fresher look. They are ideal for removing surface dirt as well as deeply embedded dirt and grime. These cleaners are available in bleach and non-bleach options. Firstly, sweep away  leaves, twigs, pollens. Leaves which get stuck can be removed by using soft bristle brush. One can use leaf blowers or brooms also. Power water sprays can help in removing debris blocking the spaces between boards. After initial cleaning with water you can use cleaning bleaches. Do not use high-powered washers instead use garden hose. Bleach cleaners make wood shiny whereas non-bleach cleaners remove dirt, grime, stains without harming wooden fibers or changing wood’s natural hue. But remember don’t use a chlorine beach on wooden structures. Besides damaging natural color chorine also damages wood’s cellular structure. Finishing touches can be applied by painting decking with paint. It should be water resistant. Also, ultraviolet (UV) protection should be provided by it. Cover Your Deck A beautiful overhead cover will make your outdoor structure more attractive. It will not only provide you shade but also gives one a place for attaching lights, fans, flower pots etc. Furthermore, covering your wooden structure will also protect it from harsh weather elements. Protect Your Deck from Furniture Wood can get damaged by furniture legs. So, use recycled plastics rugs beneath chairs or table so that furniture legs do not scrap surface. Jut rugs or bamboo rugs absorb moisture hence are not good for wooden structures. Be Vigilant About Damages Remember to examine, inspect your structure frequently for damages like splintered parts, loose nails, wobbly attachments, or rotten planks. Luckily, if most problems are cosmetic, not structural, they can quickly be taken care of. Fixing any such damages quickly ensures that they do not prove costly afterwards. Traditional wood decks look great but they require frequent maintenance to keep them looking rich and beautiful. If not properly looked after they can become unsafe and look drab and dull. However, if you follow tips mentioned above be assured that your structure will surely be a low maintenance one.
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